Ben's Internet Archaeology Digs

Are you tired of the same old "Top 10 Tips for Business Success" listicles being churned out by the thousands every day on the internet? I sure as heck am. Even with the more substantive articles on successful people, most often the story begins with the genesis of their 'great idea' (which in my opinion is far too late)...

In my research I've found that to *really* understand why someone succeeded you need to look back further. Much further. Often years and years before anyone even knew who they were. In this line of work, tools of the trade include the Internet Archive and lots of strong cups of coffee as I dig deeper and deeper into my subject's past.

The name I came up with for this style of investigation is "Internet Archaeology". Pretty crazy to think that the world wide web was started less than 30 years ago (in 1990). As more and more exabytes of new data are created each day, Internet Archaeologists are going to become more and more important in sifting through it all to tell the stories that matter.

For my most recent subject, I pointed the magnifying glass at the founder of Product Hunt, Ryan Hoover and looked back at what Ryan was doing as far as 979 days *before* he started Product Hunt. People seemed to enjoy it. If you haven't gotten a chance to read it yet, you can do so on Medium.

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- Ben