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Finding cheap flights & travel hacking

Internet Archaeology (studying the internet of the past)

Remote work, software consulting & being a digital nomad

My home base city of Mumbai, India


Finding cheap flights & travel hacking

Booking Around the World Flights

Booking around the world flights

This post is for people who want more than just a simple round-trip visiting 1 destination. Instead, it is about the very best ways to plan out an around-the-world trip. We're talking 5+ or even 10+ destinations in one go.

As you can imagine, your skill at finding good flight deals is now 5x or 10x as important as for a regular trip. So it's critical you leverage the best tools in 2019 for doing so. Things like the Google Flights "Explore Destinations" tool --- Kiwi's Nomad Search --- AirWander's free-stopover finder --- and more.

Using these, I'll show how starting & ending in the US you could visit 10 cities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East for just $1157 in my newly coined "3/4 Round The World Trip" (read the post to see why it's 3/4).

Lastly, for those who enjoy luxury I've got *the* best way to do a round the world trip in business class using miles. Visit up to 8 cities in business class for just 125,000 air miles using this frequent flyer program (there are no others like it). Read on to learn all that and more...

How to save $183.80 on your next weekend getaway

Everyone should have points

Recently I've received a few emails recently about folk's travel plans (I love getting these; just message [email protected] if you want to share yours).

One email in particular where somebody asked me for advice on finding a cheap flight for a weekend getaway is what sparked me to write this. They were absolutely stuck trying to fly to find a good deal from Salt Lake City to Seattle for a weekend trip with specific dates --- prices were over $290 for the short 2 hour flight.

As the post title indicates, I managed to find them a deal saving them over $180 and decided to write about how I did it in this post...

1,075,965 Frequent Flyer Miles (how I got mine & how you can too)

1075965 frequent flyer points

As good as I am at finding cheap flights, even with the cheapest flights traveling like this would start to get expensive. So I pay with points. 1,075,965 of them, in particular (that's how many I currently have banked across all the different programs).

Whenever this subject comes up with friends of mine and people I meet, everybody wants to know how it's done. While I do my best to explain, accumulating miles and points is a complex subject not easily taught in just one conversation. Luckily, that's about to change with this post...

Internet Archaeology (studying the internet of the past)

Product Hunt’s Rise

Product hunts rise

The overnight success is a myth that has been thoroughly debunked over recent years, especially as it applies to tech. Knowing this, it’s still hard not to think of Product Hunt as an overnight success given how rapidly it spread throughout Silicon Valley. Practically all major product launches are now posted to Product Hunt. In fact, the product’s makers are almost always present as well, commenting in realtime with everyone else. From the outside, Product Hunt’s rise felt like magic. As if this awesome community simply sprung into being. Naturally this led to a slew of Product-Hunt-for-X copycats as people who were inspired by the site attempted to build communities of their own...

How to View a Hacker News Commenter’s Oldest Posts

How to view a hacker news commenters oldest posts

In the book Traction by Gabriel Weinberg (the founder of Duck Duck Go), he writes:

DuckDuckGo had a rather uneventful launch, if you can even call it a launch. I posted it to a niche tech site called Hacker News and that was the long and short of it. The post was entitled “What do you think of my new search engine?”

While it was easy enough to find that specific thread using Algolia’s Hacker News Search Engine this got me curious to see what else Gabriel was up to back in the early days of Hacker News ~8 years ago...

Remote work, software consulting & being a digital nomad

How I Got My First Software Consulting Client

How i got my first consulting client

How to get your first client is a classic question that many before me have tried to answer. To someone on the outside the whole process can just seem mysterious… “Use your network” people say, but what if you don’t have a network? Coming out of college the only people I knew were other students, so I sure didn’t feel like I had a “network”...

My home base city of Mumbai, India

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Introducing BuyBaggage.com

Introducing buy baggage

Budget airlines are known for their "gotchas". While yes, the tickets are cheap, if you are flying a budget airline you'd better be sure you've crossed your t's and dotted your i's. Read on to learn how we're fighting this problem at BuyBaggage.com...

My experience flying Thai Lion Air as a foreigner

My experience flying thai lion air

Southeast Asia is the budget traveller's mecca. Nowhere else does your dollar/pound/baht/ringgit buy your more quality than here in SEA. Nice hotels and guesthouses for as little as $10 USD, cheap eats, affordable drinks and enough culture to keep you intrigued for months (or years, in my case).

Luckily, this also extends to the air infrastructure in the region and thanks to LCCs (low cost carriers, the fancy word for budget airlines) you can flit between different countries in the region on international itineraries for as low as $25 USD. Try that in Central or South America (ain't happening)! Read on to learn what it's like to fly Thai Lion Air, one of South East Asia's biggest budget airlines...